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Historical Events

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Back in 1993 when Nigel was first starting out as a performer his first job was working along with Mark Bond as a jester at a medieval banquet. Back then they were working under the duo name of ‘Him & Me’. Since that time they have both had a huge amount of experience in this sector.

From working at the medieval banquet themed restaurant at St. Catherines Dock in London to working for English Heritage in 2004/2005 where as Kester the Jester, Nigel became the only person to ever be known as the State Jester of England. Nigel and Mark have performed at many events and in many different roles. Most often they have both played jesters and entertained at corporate theme evenings, Army, Navy and Air Force balls and the like.

More recently Kester the Jester has researched what circus equipment was in normal use during various historical era and has been creating workshops to fit particular time periods.

Nigel has been using this historical research in after dinner talks, particularly to such groups as Rotary, Probus and Women’s Institute.


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