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Kester the Jester is an expert on historical entertainment. He is also renowned as a teacher of circus skills. Therefore we have a combination of the two, a workshop (or jester training school) which teaches the circus skills that were available in that particular era.


Kester can bring his pavillion tent and create an arena with bunting. In this he will be able to teach people of any age the following skills:

Slack rope - using a hemp rope suspended between two 18 high wooden boxes. The rope is fixed into the floor with metal pegs.

Hoop rolling and Hula Hooping (both of which date back to 14th Century at least.

Juggling with cloth bags (and chiffron scarves if indoors)

Devil Sticks - are over 6000 years old and from Africa, ours are cloth covered.

Diabolo - performed in China over 1500 years ago (we can only use plastic diabolo because of health and safety requirements).

Wooden spinning plates

Bilboquet - a wooden toy similar to cup & ball and dating to 16th Century France.

Peacock Feather balancing (only indoors)


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